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Our aim at the Alexandria Dukes is to create an environment where sport can be played and enjoyed by players and spectators of all ages.

We aim to be recognised as a leading club in NSW Suburban Rugby Union as we strive for excellence not only on the pitch but also through our coaching, volunteering, social events and community involvement.

We want to provide facilities and coaching of the highest standard to ensure that those playing and watching are proud to be a part of Alexandria Dukes.


At the Dukes we want to nurture our players and ensure excellent retention levels by developing a club that has good facilities, outstanding coaching and a fun social environment.


The era of professional rugby is here to stay and whilst we must embrace the modern way, through a professional and business-like administration it is essential that we remain focused on being a “real” rugby club for our players, former players, all Alexandria Dukes members, families and spectators.


The Dukes are a club where anyone is welcome, regardless of age, race, nationality, ability, profession, sexuality or otherwise. The Dukes fully support the ARU’s Inclusion Policy launched in 2014, designed to stamp out all forms of discrimination and homophobia in Australian rugby.

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