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Have a Rugby Problem?

Do you have a rugby problem, but your average rig has you enjoying the social aspect more than the game? 

Although we appear to be just an average rugby team, our love and passion for the game of rugby has allowed us to develop a fun and vibrant culture, full of witty banter, good times and lifelong mateships since 2011. 

If you're interested in joining our merry band of average rigs, the Dukes welcome all players over 18, no matter your experience, fitness or skill level.

In 2024, we play under the Sydney Harbour Rugby Club banner, largely forming their 2nd XV squad. 

Training is held at Lyne Park, every Wednesday commencing at 6:30pm, while games kick off from 2:00pm every Saturday. 

To be a part of our Club, our annual playing membership for the 2024 year is $270, which covers various playing, insurance and administrative costs. Additionally, playing members also receive:

  • Player Polo

  • Game Day Shorts and Socks 

  • Training Shirt

  • Access to Dukes Players Lounge WhatsApp group and member portal

  • Discounted drinks at our 3rd Half Sponsor, The Erko

  • 10% discount on all Official Dukes Merch


Ready to become a Duke and begin your journey with our beyond average club with a rugby problem? 

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