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NSW Suburban Rugby Union Insurance

Dukes Rugby, as part of NSW Suburban Rugby Union, is covered under the Rugby Australia's group insurance policy with SLE Worldwide.


They have a whole rugby website set up with all the info you need. What’s covered, how to claim, how to contact them, and more. 


Most importantly – the policy is built on the assumption you have Medicare. It only covers things Medicare doesn’t. If any player doesn’t have access to Medicare, please let the committee know as we need to make sure you have appropriate private health insurance.


It’s important that everyone reads the policy info and makes their own decision of what other cover they need – private health insurance, income protection etc. Importantly – to be covered by any of this, you need to be registered to the club. Don’t step on to the field this season if you haven’t filled out a registration form this year. To register, simply download the Fusesport Rugby app on your Android or iPhone device and follow the link to register.


Get in touch with the committee if you have any questions.

Details of our current Certificate of Currency for 10 December 2023 to 10 December 2024 can be found here.

Randwick Netball Association Insurance

Please find the personal injury claim form, linked from the Randwick Netball Association's website, here:

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